Thank you for your interest in the
Cocoa Stake Walk Run

Fourth of July at 7:15 am

This will be a two mile walk/run through the neighborhood streets around the
Stake Center at 1801 S. Fiske Blvd in Rockledge.
It is open to anyone you can convince that completing two miles before breakfast is fun.

This is an untimed fun event that will probably be taken very seriously by some runners. (Those runners cannot be helped.) Strollers, walkers, iPods and horses are allowed. Costumes are encouraged to make it even more fun and might even help the faster runners pause to think about slowing down.


In order to help us plan for the correct number of participants, volunteers and spectators, please register by emailing us at

Please include the following information in your email:
Let us know if you are a runner or a volunteer.

Runners –

  • Name
  • Male or Female
  • Age
  • Ward

Volunteers –

  • Name
  • Contact phone number and email address

Also let us know how many spectators you may be bringing with you. This will help us get a rough estimate of the amount of water and food we need to have on hand for after the event.

One last plea for help:

Volunteers are really important to help point out the turns on the course and make sure no one gets lost. Volunteers are also known for holding up humorous signs like “Worst Parade Ever” or “Walking won’t get you there any faster.” Consider the limitless ways you can encourage your friends and family as a course volunteer or they may end up talking you into walking or running with them. ;-)

Thanks everyone and see you at the Starting Line.